The movement of nude figures captured with long exposure photography by Shinichi Maruyama.

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Washing off the sticky sex remnants together could be a soothing transition out of that sex-fogged state. But then, all that lathering goes and leads to bracing against the wall, fingers slipping smoothly into crevices, eased by the flow of the warm water. Hear more here.

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Lick Line, 2002-2004 - a series of disembodied mouths floating in space by Julia Randall.

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Ryan has entered an oasis away from all the traffic that is revving by outside. In his auditory space, the traffic is drowned out by the slick texture of his movement. The tautophony created by his motion is almost meditative. Hear more here.

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Today we welcome Daisy Danger to Sonic Erotica. ‘Threesome’ is a true sex story Daisy had always wanted to tell in detail, and she’s gone ahead and elaborated, especially for us! Hear more here.

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Isak has it pretty sweet. His wife is the kind of gal that sends personalised sex toys when they are apart, and on top of that, he and his lady have a girlfriend too! Isak believes in trying things at least once and that talking is a time-saving route to pleasure. Hear more here.

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“Of course I use my imagination when I masturbate!” Karen dishes the details of her erotic inspiration, from the memories of certain touches, to the imagined sensation of penetration. Hear more here.

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